Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well begun is half done

I looked up at my cellphone and it told me that it was 6:15am. Then I realized that I had already killed two alarms, one at 5:43am and another at 5:45am, and was still lounging in my bed.

Actually, I was trying to be a little too lenient towards myself for not being able to get good sleep the night before. But then, there are no excuses, pal! So, I got into the groove, and got out for a brisk walk to begin with. 6:30 am (or was it 6:35am?) was when I walked out, and I went on an on for close to 45 minutes.

Tomorrow, I'll make it a point to get out on the road exactly at 6! Promise.

I have settled in for a brisk walk coz' there's this teeny weeny itsy bitsy problem with my right foot, and it aches miserably. I will soon graduate to a full fledged soft-jogging routine. I should.

Okay, and for breakfast, I am going to have a bowl of cornflakes. No grease, no cheese, just good ol' low-carb flab-killin' cornflakes!

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