Saturday, April 14, 2007

A new beginning

'Twas Friday the thirteenth , yesterday, that I decided to kill flab. A whole 24 hours has passed by and nothing has yet urged me to shift gears towards my goal. So, I decided to set up this blog to document what I have been up to. Also, this will help me document how well I've been able to achieve what I wanted to.

I know there are quite some people out there who'd want to watch this place closely. And I'd always want to set an example of 'success' and not a 'failure'. I wanted to put this in words, first reason as I said, was to document how I go about it. The second one, to constantly use this place as a guilt-0-meter, and a tab that keeps reminding me not to fail in this mission.

Hmm, well, today is the 14th of April 2007. It's 10.27 PM this side of the world, and now I'm going to just walk away from my laptop and figure out how much I weigh. *Swoosh* There I go! *Whoosh* And I am back.

I have this weird scale that's made by a company called Krups. And it tells me that I weigh a whopping 95 kgs! Whew! That's something fella'! H-u-g-e.

I want to bring it to 75 kgs. I don't know if I sound a little too optimistic for my easygoing lifestyle and rather lazy outlook towards life, but now that I know the main keywords to eliminate are easygoing and lazy, I should be able to counter this problem.

I should be able to muster some courage for posting my snap of how I look currently.

I will get into some serious rigorous exercise from tomorrow, or well(why tomorrow?), if I get the time, I will go out for a walk at the end of this post as well. Oh my god (and I am an atheist, erm, and agnostic actually), how many times have I lied to people that I've been going out on walks and mild jogs and all that stuff that I never have done seriously.

Things are about to change, at least, they so pretend. And so should I.

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