Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Missed out the morning :(

I overslept today! To a shameful 8:41 am! I don't know why, but I just couldn't wake up!

So, no morning exercise, missed out on burning calories, and then have to start back from square one tomorrow. :(

Monday, April 16, 2007

A wholesome lunch and a light dinner

Followed by the slightly heavy lunch in the afternoon, the dinner was relatively lighter. During the day, I also had a few tidbits in between meals, which actually killed my appetite for dinner, but then, the tidbits themselves must have been pretty heavy.

Beginning today, I will tend to refrain from the tidbits as much as possible. Nothing much in-between!

However, I am glad that my exercise routine has kick-started well, and slowly I plan to move the notch higher and higher.

Let's see how it works out.

I am off for my brisk walk yet again! Ciao!

The 15-minute lag

I kept looking at my cellphone for quite some time till it was 6:11am. In between, I kept going back to my dream world and kept plunging back into the real. It was at 6:12am that I decided that no self-sympathy is going to work. I should be out, and yes, I should be.

Some say that honey, and a half a lemon squeezed in warm water is a good thing to begin with in the morning. It helps streamline the digestive process, and in the long run, gives you that lean mean look. I did just that today. Squeezed half a lemon into a glassful of warm water, added a dollop of honey. It takes a while to get used to the somewhat weird taste early in the morning. It's a different taste altogether as compared to your morning chocolate or breakfast tea.

I maintained my pace for 45 minutes of brisk walking, including a patch of few seconds of jogging. I figured out that my leg aches only in the beginning. As it gets used to the grind, or should I say, as I get used to the pain, it does not bother much.

The mantra, they say, to successful weight loss is to consume less calories than what you expend. So, the more I walk, jog, stand and drink cold water, and the less I eat fatty foods, high-carb, dense, cheesy stuff, the faster I will achieve my goal.

Yippee! I am looking forward to the excitement of day two! Psst...It's been a while since I actually woke up this early, and that too, on two consecutive days!

And tomorrow, or eventually(isn't that a better word), I will get rid of the 15-minute lag, and will be out by exactly 6 O' Clock!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chargrilled Vegetables and Fusili Pasta

For lunch, I prepared a small portion of Chargrilled vegetables. This was accompanied by two portions of rice. In retrospect, I should not have gone in for the second helping of rice.

For dinner, I overdid a little with finishing up a whole portion of tortilla chips, which itself would go beyond a 1000(or more?) calories. Then, I took a small portion of wheat panini bread. Add to that a small portion of baked beans cooked in herbs. Add to that a minuscule portion of pasta! Grunt! I've been gorging like a pig! Or maybe still, just because today was a sunday!

I should get back to serious weight losing business. I must go out for a quickie walk now, and go to bed asap so that I'll wake up just in time for tomorrow's 6 O' Clock appointment.


Day 1, and 12:24pm. I stuck to the light breakfast of CornFlakes. But then, the deviant in me took over and I gobbled up a cupcake (or is that what you call a muffin?). Chocolate flavor and enticingly yummy, I have indulged in my first high-cal sin since the beginning of the day.

Well begun is half done

I looked up at my cellphone and it told me that it was 6:15am. Then I realized that I had already killed two alarms, one at 5:43am and another at 5:45am, and was still lounging in my bed.

Actually, I was trying to be a little too lenient towards myself for not being able to get good sleep the night before. But then, there are no excuses, pal! So, I got into the groove, and got out for a brisk walk to begin with. 6:30 am (or was it 6:35am?) was when I walked out, and I went on an on for close to 45 minutes.

Tomorrow, I'll make it a point to get out on the road exactly at 6! Promise.

I have settled in for a brisk walk coz' there's this teeny weeny itsy bitsy problem with my right foot, and it aches miserably. I will soon graduate to a full fledged soft-jogging routine. I should.

Okay, and for breakfast, I am going to have a bowl of cornflakes. No grease, no cheese, just good ol' low-carb flab-killin' cornflakes!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A new beginning

'Twas Friday the thirteenth , yesterday, that I decided to kill flab. A whole 24 hours has passed by and nothing has yet urged me to shift gears towards my goal. So, I decided to set up this blog to document what I have been up to. Also, this will help me document how well I've been able to achieve what I wanted to.

I know there are quite some people out there who'd want to watch this place closely. And I'd always want to set an example of 'success' and not a 'failure'. I wanted to put this in words, first reason as I said, was to document how I go about it. The second one, to constantly use this place as a guilt-0-meter, and a tab that keeps reminding me not to fail in this mission.

Hmm, well, today is the 14th of April 2007. It's 10.27 PM this side of the world, and now I'm going to just walk away from my laptop and figure out how much I weigh. *Swoosh* There I go! *Whoosh* And I am back.

I have this weird scale that's made by a company called Krups. And it tells me that I weigh a whopping 95 kgs! Whew! That's something fella'! H-u-g-e.

I want to bring it to 75 kgs. I don't know if I sound a little too optimistic for my easygoing lifestyle and rather lazy outlook towards life, but now that I know the main keywords to eliminate are easygoing and lazy, I should be able to counter this problem.

I should be able to muster some courage for posting my snap of how I look currently.

I will get into some serious rigorous exercise from tomorrow, or well(why tomorrow?), if I get the time, I will go out for a walk at the end of this post as well. Oh my god (and I am an atheist, erm, and agnostic actually), how many times have I lied to people that I've been going out on walks and mild jogs and all that stuff that I never have done seriously.

Things are about to change, at least, they so pretend. And so should I.