Friday, June 12, 2009

Weight Loss Tips, Tricks and Recipes

There are a zillion and one weight loss hyperlinks strewn over the WWW. And I have made a point to enlist here as many of them "serious" weight-loss tips and tricks and recipes as possible.

For starters, here's one (This list will grow with time, yes):

Note: Don't be surprised at the post date. It's just for keeping the post on top always.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30 and nothing changed

Nothing has changed from the time I started this blog. But the very reason that nothing has changed is that I cared a damn. And nothing changed, for I exercised seldom and hogged like crazy. I have set up accounts on the very famous of the two social weight loss and weight training community sites. They are called Traineo and Peertrainer respectively. Peertrainer is an interesting format and it's my day 1 there.

Let's see if these things do any good. There can be many reasons as to why I am unable to lose weight. The very main being there is less exercise. I am hell bent on changing this scenario by involving myself more in flexing muscles and doing more cardio.

I could be getting married early next year, so it is all the more important that I look supercool at that time.

More to come. Let's see how day 1 in October looks like.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Water, water, everywhere

Water is very very important. Yes, the more you keep working out strategies to kill flab, the more you should be aware that you are draining yourself of water.

As they say, water keeps the machinery fit and working. Also water keeps the balance in your system. It keeps one's body from dehydrating completely.

So, keep the water flowin'! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Real pleasure doesn't come in an instant

Every body out there to kill flab may not necessarily want to kill flab. Some may be out there to lose weight.

It's one and the same thing one may say, but look closer and you'll know. When you begin regular exercise, what happens is that you start losing flab. Losing flab means, the fat starts converting to muscle. So, you may or may not see a sudden drop in your weight.

The reason could be that your fat weight is being seamlessly converted to muscle weight.

So keep in mind that you should not fret over not losing weight, and drop out of your exercise regime, but stick to it. Eventually, you are bound to see immense changes.

Watch yourself closely when you have begun with a routine of exercise. What happens is that maybe you do not see a drastic weight loss. But then, what I have experienced is, that you feel lighter, more active than when you did not workout, and sleep better as well. Eventually, you start getting this taut feeling around your stomach and well exercised parts of anatomy. You may also lose a few inches. You feel better already, and yes, this is the way to go.

The way to a better, brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Feelin' better

I have been feeling lighter these days. Nothing much lost in kgs so far, but I feel relatively fresher, lighter and get wonderful sleep at nights. I have been looking forward to exercise more like a reward system than a punishment.

Yes, come to think of it. If one looks at it as a reward, he tends to do it more often. It's like this. We all crave for chocolates, or that enticing burger, or something or the other at least. Now, how if we craved to exercise. A feel-good factor, if associated with exercise, can work wonders! :)

Hmmm... Not to forget that because of not being able to wake up early and a crazy schedule, I missed the exercise yesterday. But I made sure that I carried over from where I left the earlier day. The meals have been very well streamlined, except for a barbecue binge recently.

Let's see how things fall in place! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 6 Comeback

Well, well, as you would have guessed it very well, I missed out on my objectives. For a zillion and one excuses I could give, but the fact remains, I missed it.

The hard, dark, stark, cold truth.

I should be extremely apologetic for not sticking to my regime, but I will not spent a lot of time wiping tears and feeling sorry for myself. It's important to come back stronger than from where you left the stuff incomplete.

I blundered. I took it easy. It's gonna be a tough thing to kill flab and I have to, have to, have to—kill it. It HAS to be done. There are no two ways about it!

So in the meanwhile, I have got for myself a renewed jest for working out and an even newer machine (yep, an elliptical machine) to kill all that flab.

I have been doing everything in rhythm for a little more than a few weeks now. Looks like the scale doesn't move as you and I expect it to, but it moved down a couple of kgs in the last week, and that excites me.

I have decided to not only keep burning all those calories, but also reduce, one way or the other, their consumption as well.

Let's see how things fall in place. Keep the good thing going and so will I. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Missed out the morning :(

I overslept today! To a shameful 8:41 am! I don't know why, but I just couldn't wake up!

So, no morning exercise, missed out on burning calories, and then have to start back from square one tomorrow. :(