Saturday, June 9, 2007

Feelin' better

I have been feeling lighter these days. Nothing much lost in kgs so far, but I feel relatively fresher, lighter and get wonderful sleep at nights. I have been looking forward to exercise more like a reward system than a punishment.

Yes, come to think of it. If one looks at it as a reward, he tends to do it more often. It's like this. We all crave for chocolates, or that enticing burger, or something or the other at least. Now, how if we craved to exercise. A feel-good factor, if associated with exercise, can work wonders! :)

Hmmm... Not to forget that because of not being able to wake up early and a crazy schedule, I missed the exercise yesterday. But I made sure that I carried over from where I left the earlier day. The meals have been very well streamlined, except for a barbecue binge recently.

Let's see how things fall in place! :)

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