Monday, June 11, 2007

Real pleasure doesn't come in an instant

Every body out there to kill flab may not necessarily want to kill flab. Some may be out there to lose weight.

It's one and the same thing one may say, but look closer and you'll know. When you begin regular exercise, what happens is that you start losing flab. Losing flab means, the fat starts converting to muscle. So, you may or may not see a sudden drop in your weight.

The reason could be that your fat weight is being seamlessly converted to muscle weight.

So keep in mind that you should not fret over not losing weight, and drop out of your exercise regime, but stick to it. Eventually, you are bound to see immense changes.

Watch yourself closely when you have begun with a routine of exercise. What happens is that maybe you do not see a drastic weight loss. But then, what I have experienced is, that you feel lighter, more active than when you did not workout, and sleep better as well. Eventually, you start getting this taut feeling around your stomach and well exercised parts of anatomy. You may also lose a few inches. You feel better already, and yes, this is the way to go.

The way to a better, brighter, healthier tomorrow.

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