Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chargrilled Vegetables and Fusili Pasta

For lunch, I prepared a small portion of Chargrilled vegetables. This was accompanied by two portions of rice. In retrospect, I should not have gone in for the second helping of rice.

For dinner, I overdid a little with finishing up a whole portion of tortilla chips, which itself would go beyond a 1000(or more?) calories. Then, I took a small portion of wheat panini bread. Add to that a small portion of baked beans cooked in herbs. Add to that a minuscule portion of pasta! Grunt! I've been gorging like a pig! Or maybe still, just because today was a sunday!

I should get back to serious weight losing business. I must go out for a quickie walk now, and go to bed asap so that I'll wake up just in time for tomorrow's 6 O' Clock appointment.

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