Monday, April 16, 2007

The 15-minute lag

I kept looking at my cellphone for quite some time till it was 6:11am. In between, I kept going back to my dream world and kept plunging back into the real. It was at 6:12am that I decided that no self-sympathy is going to work. I should be out, and yes, I should be.

Some say that honey, and a half a lemon squeezed in warm water is a good thing to begin with in the morning. It helps streamline the digestive process, and in the long run, gives you that lean mean look. I did just that today. Squeezed half a lemon into a glassful of warm water, added a dollop of honey. It takes a while to get used to the somewhat weird taste early in the morning. It's a different taste altogether as compared to your morning chocolate or breakfast tea.

I maintained my pace for 45 minutes of brisk walking, including a patch of few seconds of jogging. I figured out that my leg aches only in the beginning. As it gets used to the grind, or should I say, as I get used to the pain, it does not bother much.

The mantra, they say, to successful weight loss is to consume less calories than what you expend. So, the more I walk, jog, stand and drink cold water, and the less I eat fatty foods, high-carb, dense, cheesy stuff, the faster I will achieve my goal.

Yippee! I am looking forward to the excitement of day two! Psst...It's been a while since I actually woke up this early, and that too, on two consecutive days!

And tomorrow, or eventually(isn't that a better word), I will get rid of the 15-minute lag, and will be out by exactly 6 O' Clock!

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